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Learning About Learning Disorders & SAC

Learning disorders. They’re scary, they’re confusing, and they’re overwhelming, right?

That doesn’t have to be the case! Learning disorders are so widely misunderstood, and the key to developing a plan to help you child succeed is to get a good grasp on how your child learns.

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Gratitude and Appreciation

It can be frustrating seeing how little today’s youth appreciates what is given to them, but it also can be negatively affecting their academic performance…

A recent study has shown that students who feel more gratitude toward the opportunities given to them scored higher grades and were more involved in extracurricular activities.

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Health and Wellness

It’s no secret that children who play video games all day and eat poorly are not the healthiest, but this can actually negatively affect their academic performance…

Not only does a diet consisting of chicken nuggets and french fries hurt your child’s body, but it also hurts their brain and learning capabilities.

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Multi vs. Monotasking

The biggest complaint that students today have is that they simply do not have enough time to get everything done.

Now more than ever is the time that students must learn the crucial skill of multitasking: specifically, efficient multitasking.

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Beat Overwhelm Flip the Boat

One of the most powerful tools in education is MOTIVATION! But, many people don’t know that there is a helpful and a not so helpful way to motivate students.

Overwhelming your child with extra work is never the way to go, so how do you encourage your child to get involved but also maintain a sense of sanity in his or her life?

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