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Achieving outstanding results (and helping your child to do so) involves the well-researched science of elite performance and the art of knowing yourself (& your child). My highly effective, personalized parent/student coaching will equip you/your child for incredible performance when the stakes are high. 
Do you (or does your child) struggle to balance commitment to achievement with the desire to stay sane & even thrive emotionally? I am deeply committed to helping your family find that sweet spot and experience Dominance on test day & Confidence for life.
Everyone has a unique genius... and your child is no exception! It is my joy and pleasure to empower adolescents/young adults to identify and cultivate their special brilliance in service to the world.
Many parents feel intense anxiety around test scores & the college application process. I demystify that process, empower you to enjoy the college research & application journey, and prepare your child to earn killer scores and huge merit scholarships
Testimonial for Scott Doty - parent photo

My kids have benefited from Scott and…love him. They can connect to him, relate to him, and really pay attention when he speaks. He knows what he is talking about and is cool!

– Matt & Nancy F.

Testimonial for Scott Doty - parent photo

Scott…’studies’ his students and has the ability to size them up – not only their intellectual status, but how to connect with them in a way that makes them want to succeed.

– Robin M.

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to develop performance under pressure and inspiring personhood


Live & evergreen gems covering everything from college admissions to time management to test day strategies. Solid content worthy of note-taking.

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Taking a mere 8 years to create and weighing in at 1.7 pounds, my SAT/ACT Performance SuperGuides kinda rock. They cover content, strategy, technique, & more!

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From ScottDoty.TV episodes to interviews and more, nerd out & have fun with me as we explore themes of wellness, achievement under pressure, and mindset.

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Read to your heart’s delight as I aim to inform, entertain, and inspire you with timeless performance strategies and cutting-edge research across domains.

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