22 Dec

How to Keep the Peace at Home Right Now

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How to Keep the Peace at Home Right Now: Bergen Mama Nov 2020

Scott lent his expertise to the folks at Bergen Mama recently for a piece on home learning in the time of COVID. The article is positively brimming with Doty…. check it out now!



While most families are getting used to virtual learning becoming the norm, that doesn’t mean it’s getting any easier. The situation comes with a host of challenges: the whole crew home all day, juggling your own responsibilities with a slew of new school-work related ones, and making sure your kids stay focused and motivated while learning from home. But the greatest concern we’ve been hearing from parents lately as many school districts are shifting from hybrid to full-time virtual with a new spike in area COVID cases, is the strain it’s putting on their relationships with their kids as they toggle from parent to teacher throughout the day. So how can you set your kids up for homeschool success while minimizing friction and stress in your day-to-day familial relationships? We spoke with Scott Doty, co-founder and CEO of Bergen County-based BrainStorm Tutoring and dad of two young daughters, to get his top five tips to stop the struggle and keep the peace at home.

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