12 Feb

3 Indispensable Tips for Parents of Juniors

For most high school students, the process of taking standardized tests and applying to colleges is overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Scott knows that the best way to avoid stress is through planning, and planning early is the best way to go!

In this video, Scott shares his 3 best strategies for parents of juniors in high school to help guide their students through the process with a minimal amount of stress.

Video runtime:
6 minutes 2 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • 3 common mistakes that parents of juniors make (0:39)
  • 3 best practices for junior year (3:46)
  • How will this help? (5:17)

“Develop a clear game plan in which you know you’re going to succeed without going crazy.”