05 Jan

Learning About Learning Disorders & SAC

Learning disorders. They’re scary, they’re confusing, and they’re overwhelming, right?

That doesn’t have to be the case! Learning disorders are so widely misunderstood, and the key to developing a plan to help your child succeed is to get a good grasp on how your child learns.

In this interview with Kathy Acosta, Scott touches on the importance of understanding the different way in which children with learning disorders learn, and also helps parents take the first steps toward a diagnosis.

Video runtime:
7 minutes 58 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • Info on SAC: Specialized Academic Coaching (1:09)
  • Learning disorders vs. behavioral issues (1:42)
  • Indicators that your child may have a learning disorder (2:24)
  • Resources after your child has received a diagnosis (3:19)
  • 504 vs. IEP (4:58)

“You’re your child’s best advocate, so find out what’s going on.”