27 Sep

Beat Overwhelm Flip the Boat

One of the most powerful tools in education is MOTIVATION! But, many people don’t know that there is a helpful and a not so helpful way to motivate students.

Overwhelming your child with extra work is never the way to go, so how do you encourage your child to get involved but also maintain a sense of sanity in his or her life?

In this video, Scott discusses the importance of decreasing overwhelm in your child’s life, and motivating him or her to do the best work possible.

Video runtime:
5 minutes 0 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • Scott’s history with overwhelm (0:50)
  • You can only get through so many things at a time (2:25)
  • Consider taking some things off of your child’s plate (3:33)

“It is de-motivating when we have so many things to do and we just know we can’t get them all done in time.”