17 Nov

Gratitude and Appreciation

It can be frustrating seeing how little today’s youth appreciates what is given to them, but it also can be negatively affecting their academic performance…

A recent study has shown that students who feel more gratitude toward the opportunities given to them scored higher grades and were more involved in extracurricular activities.

In this video, Scott touches on the importance of encouraging your child to practice gratitude. Not only will your student’s view on the world be expanded, but you will also notice greater performance all around!

Video runtime:
7 minutes 16 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • Two meanings of appreciation (2:00)
  • The epiphany (4:54)
  • Practicing gratitude linked to academic performance (5:15)

“There was a time when man lived in an Age of Enlightenment… today we’re living in an age of ENTITLEMENT.”