07 Oct

Multi vs. Monotasking

The biggest complaint that students today have is that they simply do not have enough time to get everything done.

Now more than ever is the time that students must learn the crucial skill of multitasking: specifically, efficient multitasking.

In today’s video, Scott lays out the basics of when it’s a GOOD idea to multitasking and when your student should probably stick with mono-tasking.

Video runtime:
6 minutes 31 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • Is multitasking good or evil? (1:10)
  • Using the Pomodoro Technique to mono-task (3:30)
  • Why is mono-tasking often better than multitasking? (4:33)

“25 minutes is the optimal timeframe for your brain to give 100% sprinting effort before needing a break. So set a timer and go!”