10 Mar


Children today are sleeping far less than their parents did 30 years ago. An average of 7 hours less per week.

Considering that the human brain continues to develop neurologically into the 20s, many doctors and educational experts are attributing many of the difficulties we encounter in our kids, such as trouble focusing, synthesizing ideas, and remaining engaged while sitting, to a very simple cause: lack of sleep.

In today’s video, we explore the idea of the value of sleep. Why is it so important? How can we help our kids to get more of it? Scott will give you some quick pointers to get you on your way!

Video runtime:
6 minutes 26 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • About lack of sleep (0:54)
  • Today’s youth and sleep (1:25)
  • Ideas on how to help your child sleep better at night (3:22)

“Sleep is inviolable. We believe that without good sleep we can’t focus…”