27 May

Procustean Bed

Procustes lived on a mountain near Greece. His enjoyed luring in visitors to stay with him and to use his bed.

Unfortunately, Procustes was not a person who valued uniqueness. He twisted and contorted his visitors to match any size guest to the exact proportions of his bed. He even chopped off feet to accomplish this! Definitely not a nice guy.

Check out the story of the Procustean bed!

Video runtime:
5 minutes 30 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • About conformity and uniqueness (0:38)
  • You must be a doctor! (1:15)
  • The freedom to choose one’s own destiny can make all the difference (1:44)
  • About Procustes and his bed (2:10)
  • Remind your child of his or her unique genius (3:16)
  • The challenge (4:00)
  • The end of Procustes’ story (4:44)
  • The moral of the Procustean bed (5:01)

“The concept of conformity versus understanding and appreciating uniqueness.”