19 Jul


Let’s be honest: does anyone ever function best while stressed out? No!

Today we’re taking a lesson from Costa Rica, who’s motto is ‘Pura Vida’. The Costa Ricans know the importance of letting things flow and focusing on the big picture, so why can’t we?

In this video, Scott highlights the importance of teaching ‘Pura Vida’ to our students and encouraging them to not focus on the small details of day to day life. Try incorporating Pura Vida into your household and see how motivated your students will become!

Video runtime:
7 minutes 14 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • What is Pura Vida? (1:00)
  • Big picture perspective (1:40)
  • 3 ideas to bring Pura Vida into the household (2:40)
  • Life is good (6:19)

“Keep it light, keep it fun and keep it encouraging.”