23 Jun

SAT/ACT English: 4 Topics & Techniques

The test is next weekend? There’s no way I can possibly learn everything, there’s just not enough time!

How can anyone possibly succeed if there’s just so much to learn?!

Standardized tests can be stressful and overwhelming, but in this video, Scott touches on his best piece of advice when it comes to preparing for the test with a short amount of time. Check out how your child can still succeed on the SAT or ACT even if he or she only has a few weeks to prepare!

Video runtime:
6 minutes 20 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • The most important concept: punctuation and transition words (1:04)
  • Less is more (2:34)
  • Rhetoric (3:29)
  • Short grammar topics, only if you have time (4:19)

“The key insight here is: technique. Read the passage and then answer questions as you hit them. That’s the technique of champions.”