26 Dec

Understanding SAT Subject Tests

“Aaaaaaahhhh!!! SATs, SATs, SATs!!!

What are they about?

What happens in them?

How do they relate to the ACTs?

Do they really matter when applying to colleges?

There are a lot of stressful questions surrounding the SAT and SAT subject tests. But no worries! Scott will help you better understand them so you will be equipped to make the best decisions!

Video runtime:
6 minutes 26 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • Fewer than 200 American universities require you to take the SATs (1:01)
  • SAT loopholes for school that require them (1:34)
  • Structure, logistics & scoring (2:40)
  • Some SAT subject tests are more difficult than others (3:46)
  • Scott’s test recommendations, which ones to take (5:23)

“I’m going to give you a handful of best practices relating to these tests…”