27 Apr

Word Confusion

Today’s discussion is about word usage.

All too often, people use one word when they should be using another. Students lose points on their school essays and on standardized tests because they use incorrect words.

Some of the common mistakes we review are “it’s” and “its”, “who’s” and “whose”, and “between” and “among”.

Check out today’s clip to learn more!

Video runtime:
6 minutes 13 seconds

Don’t Miss These Points…

  • First category of mistakes – contraction form of a word vs possessive form (1:00)
  • The second category of mistakes involves numbers. Should you use between or among? (1:58)
  • Later vs last (2:55)
  • Third category of mistakes – doing something yourself or doing it to an object. Lie or lay? (3:14)
  • Less vs fewer (4:08)

“It’s very common for students to mistake one word for another in their writing and it gets them in trouble”